We begin our Landscape Design & Installation projects by working with the client closely to get exactly what they are looking for, whether it be 3D designs or maybe lawn care and maintenance.

We see problems as opportunities. Oftentimes, they didn’t know the potential their space has until we showed them. Using our 3D design software, the designs are very comprehensive showing every detail and problem solving before we get to the installation.

Choosing patio materials and finishes are easy with our library of name brand products such as Unilock pavers in our 3D design software. Choose the color and style, then see it in a fun and practical design on your property. The existing house and structures on the property are built in full 3D with colors and finishes. This gives a clear picture of how your new outdoor space will look with your existing structures.

We can also show many variations of outdoor lighting in your concept space. This gives a warm, inviting appeal at night. We use name brand commercial grade light products in our installations such as Kichler, Sollos and Vista. These are set up with an astronomical timer that self adjust to the sunset time with auto on/off so all you have to do is enjoy.

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Design Process

  1. Meet the client, here their needs and ideas, site evaluation, client interview, site use analysis, site traffic flow research, sight line notes, drainage and grade notes, access points and limits notes, pictures on site and attain property survey and/ or any site drawings.
  2. Collect all date necessary to build the site in 3D. Send ideation images to clients for initial design direction and feed back.
  3. Build the site in 3D and design one or two concepts.
  4. Meet with the client for design review.
  5. Make modifications if necessary and send Master Plan to client.
  6. Quote the project.